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Loss of Ins. coverage and yet had Paid by Phone with Conf. Number ..
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Post Date: 1/14/2016 12:02:25 PM
I had started 2014's year with a payment by Phone to take care of the end of the previous year and the beginning of 2014. I had received a confirmation number for this transaction and all was well. Well in late Summer, I looked at the cost of the drugs and noticed that the pricing was not as low as it should have been, even for possibly being in the donut hole.

So I called my Medicare Part D Insurance firm I then asked them why they have not reduced my costs only to learn that they had CANCELLED this insurance coverage in January due to non-payment. Which surprised me since I had confirmation of the payment. It turns out that the payment was not withdrawn from my account after all.

Where is this me, the customer's action. They checked there records and saw that this transaction was done, but they could not explain what had happened. They only asked me to check to see if the amount was withdrawn from the account. Unfortunately, the amount was not paid.

So became their position was, that since they were not paid, that they then dropped coverage. I tried to get some type of agreement to provide some type of coverage for the REST of the year since It was costing me possibly hundreds and possibly thousands more for this previous period of time. They insisted to be paid.

I felt why should I pay when I had not received the benefit of their firm's coverage in the first place, and also since they never sent me notice to drop me from their formulary coverage. So for 2015, I did not pick this firm even though they were a lower monthly premium cost and good costing for the drugs in my listing.

So my WARNING to all of you, is this, DO NOT Trust the System(s). Check to see if when you authorize a payment transaction either on-line or via a phone conversation, that this payment is actually accomplished because if you trust the system, it seems that it is still your failure even though it was not due to your immediate actions.

It seems that it is still YOUR fault of NOT paying EVEN IF you can prove it from your documented notes, and even though they had confirmed you noted information. They will still not take this into consideration and work with you. Bottom-Line, where is our Money (the insurance firm) ?

I also found that government departments that take care of these type of complaints where not much help with trying to obtain some kind of help or consideration. At least for this particular situation even though I could prove confirmation and the firm verified. So BE FORWARNED !!


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