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secure horizons advantage plan
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Post Date: 10/22/2009 8:10:16 AM
well, after talking to several people at medicare, i ended up changing from healthnet orange to secure horizons. the people i talked to insured me that it was the best plan for me. i immediatly fell into the donut hole and have run that gauntlet for several months. paying $500.00 and $300.00 for just two of the 11 drugs im on almost killed me. these two drugs happened to be class 2 narcotics and there were several times i had to wait to fill them until i got my disability check at the first of the month. needless to say i also went through some terrible withdrawls a couple of times. i was fortunate that my pain mngt. doctors would prescribe x amount of pills of a different brand that would keep me from getting so sick. trust me these doctors do not like to do this at all. anyway, i have been trying to research a different plan for me, when i am able. the medicare site for me at least is what i call very non-userfriendly. does anyone know an expert in these plans that could help me find a better plan that will cover drugs during the coverage gap? do any of them? if so you may e-mail me at any help on this matter would be appreciated. bcraig
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Post Date: 11/13/2009 9:32:05 AM
Don't get your hopes up. I have the Secure Horizons plan thru AARP and I can't get the medicine I need, it cost $186.00 for a thirty day supply which I string out for three months or more. You would think that they would look on their records to see if I am abusing the plan and then decide to cover it or not. I have been in the "gap" period for a year now and I can't afford to get what I need. I too am looking to change. I'm mad as h--l and tired of kissing up to some "rule book" in order to be able to eat everyday.


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