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Best Med. Part D plans for kidney transplant patient under 65yrs old
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    Rockford, Illinois
    Joined: Aug 2011
    Posts: 1
Post Date: 8/12/2011 2:24:23 PM
I'm just applying for Medicare in preparation for my kidney transplant and need to also apply for a Part D plan and a Medicare Supplement. Getting a lot of information thrown at me that I'm expected to figure out for myself. Any post-transplant patients out there that can advise which insurance company is appropriate to people under 65 in my situation to cover the expensive prescriptions I'm going to have? Blue Cross of Illinois tells me their supplement is $296/mo. + $87/mo. for Part D.
Same boat59
    West Palm Beach, Fl.
    Joined: Aug 2011
    Posts: 6
Post Date: 8/29/2011 2:39:14 PM
On the page they list a section on transplant services. Be aware however, under the Health Resources drop-down box for " Support for Humana Members", their is a disclaimer that needs to be read. Same boat 59 West Palm Beach, Fl.


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