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Transamerica MedicareRx Classic - OR, WA
Overall Rating:
This complaint is the same as all other complaints written against Transamerica Rx drug plan. Signed...

SilverScript Choice - OR, WA
Overall Rating:
Switched to this plan for 2016. Bad mistake. They have a terrible rule of having to wait 30 days bef...

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Compare Medicare Part D Plan Ratings and Reviews 
Part D Medicare prescription drug plan ratings and reviews to help you evaluate and find the best Medicare drug plan for 2016. Compare costs of Medicare Part D plans to save money. You can also rate and review your Medicare prescription drug plan to help others learn from your drug plan experience. On our forums, read comments, complaints, and suggestions about Medicare plans, the coverage gap (the “doughnut hole”) and low-cost medications from reputable online pharmacies. To find ratings and compare plans, click your state on the map below.
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